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Welcome to JRO

By March 5, 2014Uncategorized

Howdy, darling!

I’m John Robertson, the beautiful shambles, the human cartoon, the shuffling wreck of a larger boat. I play with words, make with shouting, clown with things and know my way around an Xbox.

25th JULY 2013: WHAT’S THAT, GANG? JEEPERS CHRIST – I’VE MOVED TO LONDON! First thing of consequence is from 1st – 25th August 2013 – I’m at Edinburgh Fringe for Underbelly, performing THE DARK ROOM live show. World’s only live, interactive video game – some people will try to escape, some will unravel the mystery, everybody will suffer. Huzzah! P.S: Here’s my crowd-surfing at the end of the big Dark Room show in February, at Wai-Con, Western Australia. They gave me a lifetime membership to the convention – and then the venue banned me for a year!


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