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The Little Town Of Marrowville
my first novel, published by Puffin!

Two children are trapped in a bizarre town – they’d be able to leave, it’s just there’s razor blades in the fog,
a terrible horse – oh, and the small matter of a teeny bit of murder…

10/10 makes kids laugh so hard that snot comes out their noses and reminds adults how to have fun”
Starburst Magazine

“Fun for both little kids and their older siblings who will pretend they’re too cool for such books, The Little Town of Marrowville is highly recommended. The sequel can’t come soon enough.”
South China Morning Post

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to write a comedy fantasy novel. The Little Town Of Marrowville is my first one, and it was an absolute honour to have it published by Puffin.

Adults and kids have identified with the struggles of the teenage female lead and her almost non-verbal brother’s journey to communicate, plus there’s Louis Ghibault’s very funny illustrations and the fact the baddies get what’s coming to them in the most cartoonish, incredible, fantastical, disgusting ways.

You can buy The Little Town Of Marrowville anywhere you get books!

And there’s an audiobook too – I do all the voices!

And after you’ve read it, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! It really helps!

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And if you’d like it in a language other than English, I’m delighted to report that the Czech translation,
“Městečko Kostokřupy”
is coming out soon from Argo! Order now!

Městečko Kostokřupy