You can find me live on the Chortle Award-winning (ooooh) 10 times a week!

Mon – Wed, Fri – 12pm UK time – THE 12 WHOLE PMs Show!
Your daily dose of high-energy comedy, chat, ukulele, improv and internet adventures!

People send me snacks from all over the world. I eat them. Results are mixed.

Wednesdays – 7pm UK Time – CRAP VIDEOGAMES NIGHT
I play appalling videogames, some suggested by Robbotron community members in our Discord. Come join!

Friday + Saturday – 7pm UK Time – THE DARK ROOM
The world’s only live-action text adventure THE DARK ROOM hits Twitch for two nights of interactive mayhem.

Saturday – 12pm – SATURDAY UNBOXING
People from around the world send me mail! I open it! Results are joyfully strange. The Mailbox Of Wonders is here: PO Box 76870, London, N1P 3JX

Sundays – 12pm UK TIME – Lunch With Your Dad
I’m your Divorced Aussie Dad (D.A.D) and you’re my kids! Long-running interactive, improvised comedy drama about a man who only gets his children once a week, just wants his wife back, and is doing what we can. 


Live Shows:

27/10 – THE DARK ROOM closes Fat Penguin Comedy, Birmingham
29/10 – STAND-UP: Closing The Stand Up Club, London Bridge 
31/10 – 8:00pm THE DARK ROOM: HALLOWEEN BONUS LEVEL charity show for Woman’s Trust @ The Bill Murray, London

05/11 – STAND-UP: Hosting The Stand, Newcastle
06/11 – STAND-UP: Opening Hilarity Bites Darlington 
11/11 – STAND- UP: Closing BoHeeHee Comedy, Finchley, London
12/11 – STAND-UP: Closing Buzz Bingo Comedy, Peterborough
19/11 – THE DARK ROOM @ Rule Zero, London (Hackney Wick)
20/11 – Private THE DARK ROOM, LONDON – book for your own for a company, function, party by contacting my agents here 

03/12 – STAND-UP: Plymouth Comedy Club
04/12 – The Dark Room @ Dragonmeet London (Afternoon show)
04/12 – 8:30pm – The Dark Room @
The Court House, Dudley

06/12 – 8:30pm – The Dark Room @ The Stand, Glasgow

07/12 – 8:30pm – The Dark Room @ The Stand, Edinburgh
08/12 – 8:30pm – The Dark Room @ The Stand, Newcastle 
10/12 – STAND-UP: closing Ribbons & Taylor Cafe, Stoke Newington (TICKETS TBA)