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Live Shows (day/month/year)

16/02/24 – 17/03/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe!

16/02/24 – 17/03/24: THE DARK ROOM FOR KIDS @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe!

23/03/24 – THE DARK ROOM U.S LIVE DEBUT @ PAX EAST, Boston (8:30pm Albatross Theatre)

29/03/24: Hosting The World Famous Pub Quiz @ Insomnia Gaming Festival
30/03/24: THE DARK ROOM: ENDGAME (Part One Of Seven) @ Insomnia Gaming Festival (8:30pm)

06/04/24: STAND-UP – Headlining @ JTT Birmingham

07/04/24: THE DARK ROOM @ The Frog & Bucket, Manchester

11/04/24: STAND-UP – Headlining @ The Boiler Room, Eindhoven

14/04/24: THE DARK ROOM @ The Leadmill, Sheffield
19/04/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Staggeringly Good Brewery, Portsmouth

20/04/24: STAND-UP Headlining @ Just The Tonic, Reading

21/04/24: THE DARK ROOM @ The Junction, Cambridge

26/04/24: STAND-UP @ Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh
27/04/24: STAND-UP @ Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh
28/04/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh
28/04/24: THE DARK ROOM FOR KIDS @ Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh

11/05/24: STAND-UP @ Bearcat Comedy Club, London

18/05/24: STAND-UP Headlining @ Just The Tonic, Leicester (2 shows)

31/05/24: THE DARK ROOM @ UK Games Expo
01/06/24: THE DARK ROOM FOR KIDS @ UK Games Expo
01/06/24: THE DARK ROOM TIL YA DIE @ UK Games Expo

06/06/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Komedia, Brighton

21/06/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Old Fire Station, Oxford – tickets TBA

14/07/24: THE DARK ROOM @ The Frog & Bucket, Manchester
17/07/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Colchester Arts Centre


08-12/08/24: THE DARK ROOM @ WORLDCON GLASGOW (exact date TBA)

25/10/24: THE DARK ROOM @ Staggeringly Good, Portsmouth

01/12/24: THE DARK ROOM @ The Frog & Bucket, Manchester


**NOTE: During Feb and March 2024, I am tour, so streams pop up at random times and don’t stick to theme, but my God you’ll see the inside of a lot of theatres**

You can find me live on the Chortle Award-winning (ooooh) 
Most shows are 2-3 hours long, starting 7pm UK time / 2pm ET / 11am PT / 3am AWST / 6am AEST
Except Saturday + Sunday – starting 12pm UK time / 8pm AWST / 11pm AEST

And special events, of which there are plenty – including live The Dark Room shows from theatres, interactive The Dark Room sessions at times that suit Australian viewers, and the occasional IRL stream that’s mostly just me confused about where I am

People send me snacks from all over the world. I eat them. We rate them. A bag is provided for throwing up.

Tuesdays – 7pm UK Time – ROBBOTRON 
It could be anything! High-octane improv, we go wherever we all feel like.

Wednesdays – 7pm UK Time – CRAP VIDEOGAMES NIGHT
I play appalling videogames, some suggested by Robbotron community members in our Discord. Come join!

Thursdays – 7pm UK Time – THE DARK ROOM
YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN A DARK ROOM! Come play the world’s only live-action text adventure! Get in the chat and try to escape the surreal, brutal comedy game show! 

Saturdays – 12pm – SATURDAY UNBOXING
People from around the world send me mail! I open it! Results are joyfully strange. The Mailbox Of Wonders is here: PO Box 76870, London, N1P 3JX

Sundays – 12pm UK TIME – Sunday Lunch With Yer Dad
I’m your Divorced Aussie Dad (D.A.D) and you’re my kids! Long-running interactive, improvised comedy drama about a man who only gets his children once a week, just wants his wife back, and is doing what we can.