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4,000,000 YouTube hits and counting… 250,000 audience members streaming online via Twitch… 3,000 screaming people in one theatre… over 200 live performances around the world…



1. “The Dark Room” is the world’s only live-action videogame.

2. Interactive and insane, this is impro comedy + retro gaming
fused into a deranged rock n’ roll game show.

3. Here’s what John said in VICE Magazine and Starburst.



Originally an interactive YouTube series, The Dark Room went viral in 2012, with 4,000,000 hits. It appeared on NPR, in Variety magazine, L’oiel du Links (Canal+) and was nominated
for Jayisgames.com’s Best of Casual Games 2012.

“This is the future of gaming” – Ron Gilbert, creator of The Secret of Monkey Island.

“I just want to punch this guy in the face!” – unnamed US News Anchor.



In August 2012, The Dark Room debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.
Combining a screen, $5 of electronics, an innovative multimedia rig and John Robertson’s manic flair for improvisation and abuse, it was THE cult hit of the Fringe, creating an exhilarating, incredible world of fun, fear, nostalgia and terrible prizes.

This is a live comedy the whole audience doesn’t just watch… it plays!

Since 2012, the show has grown into a touring production that’s been staged in basements, 3,000 seat theatres, corporate events, gaming and sci-fi expos, Fringe and Comedy festivals and toured the UK, Europe, Australia and South-East Asia.

In 2014, it was streamed on Twitch for a one-off special,
garnering 250,000 players over a four-hour marathon show.

It’s the annual entertainment for Australia’s EB Games Expo,
(the largest gaming event in the Southern Hemisphere),
filled its tent at MCM London Comic-Con, packed out London’s Udderbelly Southbank
and is the floorshow for the 2016 UK Games Expo and Insomnia Gaming Festivals.

Supporters of The Dark Room include Perrier-winning comedian Brendon Burns, games industry legend
Ian Livingstone, Mark Watson & creator of Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez.

No two shows are the same. No other show is the same. This is THE DARK ROOM!



“A real blast from the past with one crooked eye on the future, this is a truly unique show you’ll be gutted to miss out on.” (Manchester Wire)

“a hilarious YouTube skit made flesh… that he’s a skilled stand-up performer is plain to see; he just happens to have lucked out channeling a subject he obviously loves into the live arena” (The List)

“What a marvelous, maddening concept this is from the twisted mind of John Robertson… if Kafka were to write a comedy show, this would be it.” (Chortle)

“Watching audience members tackle the challenge and fail is one of the funniest sights around, don’t miss it.” (Daily Telegraph, Sydney)

“24 hours ago I’d never heard of John Robertson, now I can’t get his voice out of my head.” (Cerebralpop.com)

“The Cloak Room at Melbourne Town Hall was packed, which means the crowd had either seen it before or heard how good it was. It’s terrific: inspired, wacky and Robertson, on occasions, sounds just a little sinister. And then the lights go up and he’s outside, shaking hands, thanking each of us for coming. What a gentleman! Who’d have thought such a dark, twisted mind lurked beneath this mild-mannered exterior…” (Herald Sun)

“Say goodbye to this morning’s work plans” (Eurogamer)

WINNER – Argus Angel, Brighton Fringe 2014 Director’s Choice, Bedford Fringe 2014

***** Fringe Review ***** ThreeWeeks ***** The Skinny ***** One4Review ***** Broadway Baby ***** FringeGuru ****1/2 Jayisgames.com **** Den of Geek **** The Age **** Herald Sun **** The List **** Edinburgh Spotlight **** Edinburgh Review **** Chortle

Time Out Top 100 Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2014, The List’s Top 5 Scary Shows Edinburgh Fringe 2013



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