Dark Room + Solo Tour Dates

July 20th – 22nd: John Robertson Arena Spectacular at Soho Theatre Last year’s Fringe show gets three nights at London’s finest independent theatre! Tickets here.

July 29th: Soho Theatre, London THE DARK ROOM’s third night of the three-month residency! Tickets here. Mailing list subscribers get a discount code!

August 3rd – 27th 2017: EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL Dark Room @ White Belly, Underbelly Cowgate 8:00pm Tickets here.

August 4th – 27th 2017: EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL Dark Room For Kids @ Community Project, Grassmarket 4:30pm Tickets here.

August 3rd – 27th 2017: EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL John Robertson: Dominant @ Stand 5 6:15pm Tickets here.

September 23rd 2017: RUNEFEST 2017, London. Tickets TBA.

October 7th + 8th 2017: EB EXPO 2017, Gold Coast, Australia Free entry with Expo ticket. I’m also hosting the cosplay and the Ultimate Gamers Lunch.

October 19th 2017: ARTS BY THE SEA, BOURNEMOUTH Tickets TBA.

Stand-Up Club Dates

June 17th Top Secret Comedy, Covent Garden

June 17th Camden Comedy Club

June 25th Headlining somewhere in Exeter! Goody!

July 1st RipRoar Comedy Club Bristol. CLOSING SET.

July 15th Headlining somewhere in Plymouth!

September 9th Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

September 15th + 16th Jongleurs Leeds.

September 30th Closing Prince of Wales, Soho.

October 14th Headlining in Townsville QLD! Third fabulous year!

November 9th Closing Wirral. As you do. Or I do.

November 11th Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

November 18th Camden Comedy Club.

December 8th Headlining Good Ship, Kilburn

December 15th + 16th Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

December 31st Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

February 21st – 24th 2018 The Stand, Newcastle