Dark Room + Solo Tour Dates

October 19th 2017: Dark Room at ARTS BY THE SEA, BOURNEMOUTH Get tickets here.

October 21st 2017: Dark Room at SOHO THEATRE, LONDON We’re BAAAACK at the best independent theatre in London!

October 28th 2017: Dark Room at EXP Leisure, Stratford Tickets here.

November 16th 2017: DOMINANT and DARK ROOM at Hull Comedy FestivalTickets here.

November 18th 2017: DARK ROOM at Soho Theatre, London! We’re BAAAACK at the best independent theatre in London!

January 24th-28th 2018: DARK ROOM at Fringeworld, Perth, Western Australia! Back in my beloved hometown!

January 31st – Feb 4th 2018: New show “The Cult Special” at Fringeworld, Perth, Western Australia

March 14th, 2018: DARK ROOM at Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow! Heading to the best comedy club chain in Scotland!

March 22nd – 25th, 2018: DARK ROOM at Sci-Fi Weekender 9, Wales No idea what day I’m on! But I’m going for all of it!

March 28th, 2018: DARK ROOM at Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh! DARK ROOM IN EDINBURGH! BUT… BUT… IT’S NOT AUGUST!

April 3rd, 2018: DARK ROOM at Stand NewcastleAnd now, the best comedy club in Yorkshire!

April 6th, 2018: DARK ROOM at National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming ChampionshipsSo there!

June 1st – 3rd: DARK ROOM at UK Games ExpoTickets available only with expo ticket. People may come to the show dressed as Flamboyant Potatoes.

Stand-Up Club Dates

October 20th Closing Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham.

October 21st Closing Camden Comedy Club.

November 2nd Bury & Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

November 4th Closing Rip-Roar Bristol.

November 9th Closing Wirral. As you do. Or I do.

November 11th Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

November 18th Camden Comedy Club.

November 22nd Star Trek vs Star Wars at Backyard Comedy Club

December 8th Headlining Good Ship, Kilburn

December 9th Dark Room For Kids @ Plymouth Comedy Club

December 9th Closing Plymouth Comedy Club

December 15th + 16th Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

December 31st Headlining RipRoar Bristol.

January 25th, 2018 Comedy Lounge, Perth, Western Australia

Feb 1st, 2018 Comedy Lounge, Perth, Western Australia

February 21st – 24th 2018 The Stand, Newcastle