Hello, Internet Friend! High-Def, High-Five!

Yep, you’ve just lived through my attempted catchphrase for 2014.

25th JULY 2014: THE DARK ROOM IS STREAMING ON TWITCH, which was just bought by Google, If you’ve come to the site off the back of that, here’s all the info you need:

If you want to see The Dark Room Live at the Edinburgh Fringe July 31st - August 25th - all tickets and details here: https://tickets.edfringe.com.

If you would like to look just as good as the handsome devil below, you can visit our newly opened DARK ROOM STORE. Don't be surprised there's only two t-shirt designs on the store, during testing with our crack team of internet commandos we found that any more than two designs could cause permanent damage so these two shirts are THE BEST OF THE BEST. Plus they're 110% endorsed by the Evil Floating Head, so check em out!

Regardless of what you want, the 100% quality cotton gildan tee will set you back £10 and £5 shipping per order and the guilt that you too have helped the Evil Floating Head continue to wreak havoc upon a unprepared mankind (unless you're Brendon Burns, or Mick Foley for that matter, there's no getting past him). CLICK THE LINK AND BUY NOW!

p.s: We ship worldwide. Hell, we ship YOU. (There's a joke for the kids.)

Click Here for the Dark Room Store (Buy our shirts!)

Finally if you want to check out a recorded session of The Dark Room Live we have this amazing video taken at Wai-Con 2013, download it here.

25th JULY 2013: WHAT'S THAT, GANG? JEEPERS CHRIST - I'VE MOVED TO LONDON! First thing of consequence is from 1st - 25th August 2013 - I'm at Edinburgh Fringe for Underbelly, performing THE DARK ROOM live show. World's only live, interactive video game - some people will try to escape, some will unravel the mystery, everybody will suffer. Huzzah! P.S: Here's my crowd-surfing at the end of the big Dark Room show in February, at Wai-Con, Western Australia. They gave me a lifetime membership to the convention - and then the venue banned me for a year!